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Here at Instinct Health, we work with you by taking exceptional care. We show empathy and combine it with expert knowledge and improve your understanding of your own body, and your health.

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Full Body Assessment
  • Full examination of problem area
  • Create individual treatment plan
  • Provide home exercise program
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Individual Assessment
  • Full body assessment
  • Intro to Pilates Reformer
  • Provide home exercise program
FREE for 1st time clients
Health Assessment
  • Medical & nutrition assessment
  • Provide individual treatment plan
  • Practical recommendations
FREE for 1st time clients

Physio Camberwell

Recovering from injury, surgery or ill-health, or simply want to improve your physical function? Our highly trained and experienced physios in Camberwell focus on your goals and long-term outcomes that will benefit your health now, and into in the future.

We have experience in:
  • Spinal conditions
  • Headaches
  • Neck and back pain
  • Pre and post-natal conditions
  • Sporting injuries
  • Post surgery
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

& improve
your physical

Physio Pilates Camberwell

Clinical Pilates

Our physiotherapists work alongside you in a small group setting to get you fitter, stronger and more flexible. Because we don’t want you to get lost in the crowd, our Clinical Pilates classes are capped at 3 people. This means you will get close supervision and progress quickly towards your goals. Haven’t done Pilates before? That’s ok! Book in for an assessment and get your health on track today!

Mums and Bubs

These classes are specifically designed for new mums, by our physiotherapists. The class will focus on helping you and your body recover from pregnancy and the delivery of your baby, whether via c-section or not. If you want to improve your pelvic floor, core strength and get you strong enough to carry around a little one, this class is for you. And the best bit? Your newborn is always welcome during these sessions!


your core
strength &

Physio Massage Camberwell

Massage at Instinct Health can be a great way to manage niggles or tight spots, or just treat yourself every now and then. One of the best things about our Massage service is that all massage is completed by our expertly trained physiotherapists. Not only does this mean you are in extremely good hands, you may also be eligible to claim under your private health insurance. Our physiotherapy team can then work with you to thoroughly assess you, and provide you with a plan to get to the root cause of your tight muscles. We have several options of massage available to you, including relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy massage or sports massage. It’s completely up to you! So come in and ease that tension today!


Lengthen &
release your
tight muscles

Our story

“Here at Instinct Health, we truly believe that your health should be second nature.”

We often take our health for granted but why can't we spend a little time focussing on our health each and every day so that it becomes Instinct?

We will work with you and help you become the best version of yourself. Whatever your GOALS are, we will be right there next to you, supporting and driving you to achieve them! If you want to run a half marathon, swim 5 laps at your local pool or just have enough energy and strength to run around after a toddler, our super talented and highly motivated team is here to provide expert knowledge and one-2-one support.

Check out our latest Instinct insight article, we offer educational advice and tips on how to take care of your mind body and soul.