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“Here at Instinct Health, we truly believe that your health should be second nature.”

We often take our health for granted but why can't we spend a little time focussing on our health each and every day so that it becomes Instinct?

We want to work with you to become the best version of yourself that you can. Whatever your GOAL is, we want to be right there next to you to help achieve it! If you want to run a half marathon, swim 5 laps at your local pool or just have enough energy and strength to run around after a toddler, we are here to help.

Meet the Instinct Team

Matt Pallozzi

Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Matt founded Instinct Health in 2017 after several years working across a number of settings. Matt grew up in Melbourne and started his physiotherapy career working in public hospitals across the East. He honed his physiotherapy skills in the hospital working across the Emergency Departments, Outpatient and Fracture Clinics as well as working in neurological rehabilitation.

As well as his work at Instinct, Matt works for Carlton as their AFLW physiotherapist. Matt has learned a lot in this program which he takes back to the clinic to work as an educator for the rest of the team. Matt has also worked at Hawthorn Football Club, and begun his journey into elite sport with Old Carey in the VAFA.

His experience has given him a keen interest in treating neck pain and low back pain and Matt believes that Clinical Pilates is a great tool for treating these conditions.

Outside of work, Matt loves keeping fit an active. He has completed triathlons, marathons and has now resigned himself to the golf course - at least for now. He is a proud Collingwood member and loves spending time with his nieces and nephews!

Megan Dickinson

Senior Physiotherapist

Megan began working in the private practice setting in 2013 and in that time has gained exposure to a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. Megan has extensive Pilates experience, addressing running biomechanics & retraining and assessing and treating lower limb injuries, with special interest in the hip & knee. She has worked with both recreational and elite athletes across a number of sports including the AFL, gymnastics, dance, soccer and netball. Megan has had exposure to the Richmond Football club and both state and national level distance and track runners with an involvement in the Nike run club.

Megan has a strong passion for movement and educating her clients on the role that core stability plays. She works with clients to improve their core strength to prevent low back pain and leg injuries in both return to sport and every-day settings. Megan also works closely with women to improve the awareness of the pelvic floor in both pre and post-natal situations. Megan uses Clinical Pilates as her primary method of practice as a way to empower others to move, activate, strengthen and balance their body in a way that makes them feel good and achieve their individual health and well-being goals.

Megan is a firm believer in creating a healthy balanced mind and body, and has gone on to complete further study in both nutrition and health coaching, along with overall wellbeing and mental health. She has developed a special interest in working with young females experiencing challenges throughout their teenage years that may impact their performance such as a reduction in energy levels, hormone changes and altered nutrition to help prevent or manage conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Outside of work Megan lives and breathes all things movement and sunshine. She grew up in Country Victoria playing Netball, water skiing and danced from a young age. She loves summer, the beach, running, surfing, yoga, spending time with her friends & family and is a keen Tigers supporter.

Marina Payne


Marina is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) who’s core belief is "non-diet" dietetics. That is, enjoying the foods you love and want to eat as part of a healthy and balanced diet. Marina loves being able to balance the things you love, with the goals you want to achieve. She loves working with clients to achieve a positive relationship with food. She has worked with people of all ages and challenges, from junior athletes right the way through to clients in aged care.

Marina has special interests in gut health and sports nutrition. She has previously worked with clients with presentations including Diabetes, Malnutrition and food intolerances. She has even looked into food security while working in a rural setting!

Her passion for food extends beyond the workplace – she loves trying new cuisines and foods to challenge her palate. Plus, if you mention cheese or wine, she’s all ears!

Sarah Tulloch

Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

Sarah completed her Bachelor of Health Science/Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in 2012. Since then she has always worked in the private practice setting. She has a vast array of experience working one on one with clients to achieve their goals. Over that time, Sarah has also taken Clinical Pilates classes and uses Pilates as a key component to her rehabilitation toolkit with clients.

Sarah has gained excellent orthopaedic experience consulting with Melbourne’s leading surgeons to provide care for clients recovering from surgery. She has then been able to guide clients through their journey all the way back to a return to sport or work level of function.

She has a strong interest in injury rehabilitation and improving sporting performance. She has been the Physiotherapist for a number of state hockey teams and local AFL teams. Sarah has completed further professional development and training in pre and post-natal Pilates and loves working with both pregnant women and new mums!

Outside of work, Sarah is a superstar hockey player. She has played at the elite level with Toorak East Malvern in the Premier League for over 10 years. She is motivated, passionate about health and getting people back to their absolute best.

Isobel Mackay

Yoga instructor

Isobel’s passion for teaching took a different direction. She was once a primary school teacher and although she loved teaching and caring for others, she realised her passion for teaching yoga was calling her name. She has practiced for over 10 years but soon realised she wanted to share knowledge and practice with her students. Isobel took a 10 month, extensive course, which was centred around adjustments, alignment and modifying the practice to suit all abilities. She has also been able to help people suffering chronic illnesses and injuries. She connects well with all her clients and has a welcoming attitude to her yoga classes. Her practice has elements of strength but also has the element of winding down. If you practice with Isobel, you'll soon realise touching your toes or being super flexible, is not something she focuses on.

Isobel enjoys going for walks with her two dogs; Hugo & Millie. She also enjoys going to the beach and adventuring to new places. Yoga, is her complete passion and she's on the way to making this a full time career!