Clinical Pilates – the changes to health insurance that you need to know!

You’ve been told you can’t claim Clinical Pilates any more, but is that true? 

Clinical Pilates

There is every chance that you’ve received a letter recently from your health insurer explaining that you can no longer claim Pilates on your private health insurance extras. Disappointing, right? 

Well here is the good news… here at Instinct Health, we run Clinical Pilates in Camberwell. Thanks to the hard work of many different physiotherapists around the country, the government have reversed their decision! Therefore the health insurers were forced to change theirs and this means it’s Pilates as usual for you! You can still claim your health insurance extras (on the code 560), but you might notice a change in the wording of your invoice to “Group Exercise Class”. We will still continue to run your small, group classes in exactly the same way, but you may notice a change on the title of the invoice to “Group Exercise Session” from April 1. 

Why was the change proposed? People (not through Pilates with physiotherapists!) were abusing their health insurance extras and claiming studio or gym-pilates classes on their extras. The proposed changes also affect other non-research based therapies including kinesiology, reflexology and naturopathy.

What you need to know: 

  • Clinical Pilates classes will continue to run as they have previously
  • Pilates classes will be named differently on your invoice
  • Your invoices will still be claimable on your private health insurance extras 
  • If your health insurer does not rebate you, they are wrong and you should follow up with them directly 
  • The item code 560 will remain the same

If you have other questions about our Clinical Pilates, or any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff at Instinct Health

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Clinical Pilates – the changes to health insurance that you need to know!