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Looking fabulous and feeling great is easier than you think! There are simple tailored steps that can generate incredible results. Book your free session with Instinct’s dietitian Tess Handrinos. Typically valued at $60, it’s free if you act now!!



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This exclusive private session will arm you with smart tips towards looking fabulous, concentrating longer and feeling more energetic. We help you be the best version of yourself. You’ll kick yourself for not coming earlier! Never copy anyone’s food intake. We cater for your unique combination of body type, metabolism, lifestyle and food intolerances. We’ll lead you towards new food instincts for optimal results.

After your session you’ll receive:

  • 3 quick and easy breakfast and lunch recommendations
  • 5 tailored dinners
  • Your next steps plan for smarter food instincts

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    Our Dietitian

    Tess has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietitian (Honors) and a Diploma of Health Sciences. Tess wishes to improve the nutrition of all Australians and their growing families through evidence-based nutritional therapy.

    As a working mum, Tess draws on her personal experience to help people with hectic lifestyles eat smarter with less hassle. Tess is also passionate about pre and post-natal health.

    Tess works with clients to dispel nutrition misinformation and inspires individuals and families to get back to basics with their nutrition. Tess teaches clients to trust their intuition in an effort to enhance their overall well-being. Outside of work, Tess is busy chasing after a toddler, she is an avid baker, a typical Melbourne food and coffee lover, blogger and enjoys simple, quality time with her loved ones.