Kickstart Your Netball Game with Instinct

Kickstart Your Game with Instinct: Essential Warm-Up Exercises for Netball Players

Welcome to Instinct Health, where we’re all about getting you game-ready with minimum fuss and maximum benefit. Today, we’re focusing on beginner to intermediate netball players, guiding you through a quick, effective warm-up routine you can do right on a half netball court. Ready to activate those muscles and ward off injuries? Let’s jump in!

Why Warm Up for Netball?

Every netball player knows the sting of a pulled muscle from diving into the game cold. Warming up primes your muscles and mind for the game ahead, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

Your 7-10 Minute Warm-Up Plan for Netball

This routine progresses from low to moderate intensity, ensuring a smooth ramp-up to game speed.

  1. Dynamic Leg Swings (2 minutes)
    Stand on one leg, using the court’s line markings for balance. Swing your other leg forward and backward. This exercise warms up your hamstrings and hip flexors, key drivers in your netball hustle.
  2. Arm Circles (1 minute)
    Extend your arms and make slow, large circles. Gradually increase the speed to loosen up the shoulders. Perfect for those overhead passes!
  3. High Knees (2 minutes)
    Jog on the spot, lifting your knees high, in rhythm. This not only gets your heart rate up but also activates your core, crucial for quick pivots and sprints.
  4. Side Shuffles (2 minutes)
    Shuffle sideways from one end of your half-court to the other. This lateral movement is essential for developing game-ready agility.
  5. Gentle Sprints (2 minutes)
    Finish with gentle sprints across the half-court. Start slow and increase your speed with each run to raise your overall body temperature and readiness.

Wrapping Up

There you have it—a quick, instinct-driven warm-up routine that gets you into the netball spirit while keeping your muscles happy and injury-free. Remember, a good start leads to a strong finish.

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