Online Physiotherapy – All You Need to Know!

With the fast and ever evolving COVID times, the world of online physiotherapy has been fast forwarded to its current status. Here at Instinct Health, we are as dynamic and adaptive as anyone and have therefore been an early adopter of the technology. But; the concept that seeing a physiotherapist is all about manual therapy like massage, joint mobilisation and stretches doesn’t do justice to all of the other components of a usual treatment session. When you see one of our physios here at Instinct, whether in person or via video conference, you’ll receive so much more than manual treatment.

In truth, Online Physiotherapy has been around for an extended period of time. Also known as Telehealth, this service has been available for years. There are physiotherapists around the world who work exclusively Online and have achieved great results with clients when doing so. But what is actually involved?

When you book in for an Online Physiotherapy appointment, you will be able to access your chosen physiotherapist via a secure video and audio connection. Your physio will, particularly if they haven’t met you before, want to start by finding out a bit more about you. What do you do for exercise? What do you do for work? Do you have kids? Which hobbies fill your spare your time? All of these questions, and likely many more, will help your physio establish exactly what you need to return to establish any injury as “resolved”.

Then you will begin to discuss your specific injury itself. Your physio will want to know a great deal of detail here – how did it happen? Was it a slow onset or a sudden one? Have you had this injury before? They might even ask you some strange questions regarding other sensations like pins and needles, numbness or weakness in a particular area.

All of this information is helping our team of physios begin working on a preliminary diagnosis for you.

Once they have arrived at this preliminary diagnosis, they will likely as you to move around. If you have an issue with your knee, it is probably a good idea to wear shorts. Likewise, if you have a shoulder injury, maybe wear a singlet to allow your physio to get a really good look at the joint/s in question. Then, they will ask you to perform a series of movements to establish exactly what the source of your pain is. Some of these movements might cause a slightly discomfort to you, but by provoking your pain, your physio is able to accurately assess where the root cause of the problem stems from.

Now we have a diagnosis, and we can start treatment. This treatment process will start during the consultation, and your physio will guide you through a few things they believe can help you right there on the spot, just like during a face to face consultation. Moving forward after the online consultation, the treatment will likely include specific things on how you can treat the impairment yourself with a series of stretches, strengthening exercises or mobility drills. Sometimes this means the use of a self-massage device like a foam roller or massage ball to release a tight muscle or ligament. We often have a number of household items what can be used as substitutes for the normal physiotherapy equipment we might use.

When you see a physiotherapist from Instinct Health, a key principle we always live by is providing education to you, the client, about the nature of your injury or impairment. We believe that by giving you knowledge into your own body, you will be better equipped with the tools to undergo a complete and successful rehabilitation from injury. After all, it is your body that we are discussing. As such, before any online consultation is complete, you will have a clear understanding of exactly what you have done, how it will get better and when that is likely to occur.

So, wherever you are living or working from, your health should still remain a priority. Don’t let your health suffer if spending more time around the house. Book in your online physiotherapy or Pilates session today and stay fit, healthy and happy!

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Online Physiotherapy  – All You Need to Know!