Physio Pilates vs Gym Pilates – Part One

Clinical Pilates can be tailored to help everyone at any level of strength or fitness. Here’s an insight into how it can help you.

As Sir Paul McCartney said, George Harrison didn’t suffer fools gladly, so in Harrisons’ song ‘Any Road,’ there is a great resonance to his lyric: “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” The same can be said for what we do for our health. If we don’t have a goal, who knows where we’ll end up.  

Physiotherapists are among the best and brightest health professionals in our community. They invest at least four, or sometimes five years of their lives studying human movement at University. No matter what your goal is, no matter ‘where you’re going’ – you’re going to have to move! So it makes sense for us to plan our journey with a physio as a health coach.

Unless you’ve ignored every wise person you’ve met over 70, the mountain of testimonials on social media and skipped school the day common-sense was handed out, you’ll know that you need to prioritise your health. So, consider your health goals with one of our Physiotherapists at Instinct Health. They are great people to talk with to fast track this process. They can translate what you want into a gradual, progressive and challenging program.

Not only can one of our physios help you set realistic goals, they can also help keep you on track. When most of us only have precious few hours for personal exercise each week, spending at least one of those sessions under the eye of a trained professional can be a wise investment. Remember, how you think you’re doing an exercise, and how you should actually be doing it, are often two different things. Being under the observation of a physiotherapist can also help keep you motivated to give you confidence to try new things. 

Whether your goal is elite strength, fitness for an upcoming holiday, feeling 100% after pregnancy, keeping up with the kids, or simply being able to pick your grandchild off the floor, a tailored Clinical Pilates program can help. These can be one on one, or small group classes.

We have only three people in a group class, each with different goals, unique levels of strength, flexibility, coordination and confidence – then each of those three people need their own unique set of exercises. Throwing those people into a sweaty gym class where everyone is forced to pump through the same exercises may only suit the instructor. It’s not likely to be an optimal set of exercises for anyone. Moreover, if you push yourself to do the wrong exercises, or do them wrongly, you may do damage to tendons, ligaments or muscles. Then guess where you’ll be?

Many of our clients have built a solid strength base in their weekly Physio Pilates classes, and they have progressed to be regular gym users. We will talk more about integration with other exercise in future. This blog is the first in a series of four and we look forward to giving you even more info in our next release. 

To try Physio Pilates, either 1:1 or in a group, call Instinct Health on 9041 5644. Request an assessment with your Physio first, so you can sit and discuss your goals. Moreover, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Clinical Pilates, what core strength truly is, and how you can best utilise it. Then you can book in for your first class.

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