Physio Pilates vs Gym Pilates – Part Three

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Clinical Pilates is likely to be a larger investment than Gym Pilates, but you get what you pay for. The key reasons for this are the greater investment in staff and equipment. Physiotherapists invest up to five years at University studying human movement, and hence, they deservedly earn more. 

The Instinct Health Clinical Pilates studio also utilises over $20,000 worth of equipment, so your session fee is also a contribution towards that. One critical piece of Clinical Pilates equipment that you are unlikely to see at a gym Pilates class is a reformer. These can be worth over $4000 each. Reformers can literally be used for hundreds of different exercises, as you progress with your core strength and technique.

When considering your investment, firstly put a value on your time. If you only get a precious few hours for personal exercise per week, you need to make the most of them. 

Whilst you are at that critical point in life when you are motivated to invest in your health, it is best to start with the most effective option. Gym Pilates has a much higher drop-out rate than Clinical Pilates. One of the reasons for this is that injuries are more common as exercises are not tailored to each individual and observed by a Physiotherapist. Start with something you’re more likely to stick with, and see where it leads you.

Next, put a dollar value on the cost of potential injury. If you simply join up a gym and use the wrong technique or go too hard, blowing out a shoulder, an elbow, wrist or a knee, what would that cost you? Not just the potential cost of an operation, but a missed holiday? Rehab costs? Doctors appointments? Lost wages? Lost sick leave? Extra childcare costs? Injuries certainly add up!

Many of our clients are gym members and regularly work out with great personal trainers etc, however we recommend that we set clear goals together – and learn to control your movement with Physio Pilates first. That way, you will have the core stability and muscle memory to get the best results from that training. Your ability to safely progress can be dramatically improved. Build the foundations before you build the house.

If your goals are competitive sport, accelerated weight loss or to build muscle, then a combination of a weekly Pilates class as part of an overall program could be the right mix for you. We can refer you to the right facilities and trainers, and work in partnership with them. To try Clinical Pilates, either 1:1 or in a group, call our Instinct Health on 9041 5644.

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