Physio Pilates vs Gym Pilates – Part Two

No matter what your goals are, Instinct Health’s Physio Pilates classes can help you get there.

This blog is the second of a series of four (Click for part 1 of the Physio Pilates vs Gym Pilates series).

The need for each individual to have a unique exercise program is at the heart of the difference between Physio-led Clinical Pilates and Gym Pilates. Physiotherapists run Clinical Pilates sessions, not gym staff. Physiotherapists are best qualified to understand the musculoskeletal challenges that relate to your personal current health challenges and/or specific goal.  

In a Clinical Pilates class, each individual does different exercises, all under the supervision of the Physiotherapist. To keep things manageable, classes are always a maximum of three people here at Instinct Health. That’s right, just three people.

For those of us that want to enjoy exercise, and want to maximise results from each session, Clinical Pilates can help steadily ramp up your strength, flexibility and coordination. The emphasis is on learning to control your own movement, in a fun environment.

After a few classes you will begin to notice that in everyday life, you will start controlling your movement a little more instinctively, particularly when bending and lifting. This activation of your core muscles can help you avoid future injury. You’ll feel a little sore in different places occasionally, but this is what earning muscle memory feels like.  

In time, the use of your muscles using proper technique will become subconscious, like riding a bike. The length of time it takes varies with the individual, but when it becomes a habit, it is very empowering. Depending on your goals, you’ll learn how to better sit, stand, lift, walk, push etc. Over time, those muscles that were sore at the start of your journey, will get stronger and do just fine.

Continuing with your weekly or bi-weekly class, with a physiotherapist observing you, you can form the right habits quicker that you might if you are stuck with 15+ other people in a gym Pilates class. You are therefore more likely to get stronger and more confident, quicker, in the ways that you require to strive towards your goals. For example, if you suffer from lower back strain, and your goal is to be able to pick up your children without aggravating your back, then among your Clinical Pilates program might be given a series of exercises that ensure you are using a correct lifting technique, such as activating your glutes (your butt), legs and deep abdominal muscles (yes, you do have them!).  

Once you’ve formed the right habits, your physio can ramp up your exercises to whatever level suits your personal goals. For instance, you might upgrade your goals, from just being able to pick up a child, to getting your legs ready for a six-week trek through Europe!

To try Clinical Pilates, either 1:1 or in a group, call Instinct Health on 9041 5644. Request an initial assessment with your Physiotherapist first, so you can sit and discuss your goals. Then you can book in for your first class. Prefer to book online? Just click here.

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