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Physiotherapist Recommendation

If you’ve suffered an injury at some stage, our physios may suggest a period at our Pilates Camberwell studio to ensure your rehabilitation stays on track. Often this period of time will be 4-6 weeks.

Why so long? Our muscles take around 6 weeks to show solid signs of improvement as our nerves improve on how well they send a message to a muscle, therefore improving efficiency and subsequently strength.

After that period of time, local muscle changes start to occur (like muscle growth) and this occurs for the subsequent 6 weeks. Over this 6-12 week period you will start to feel stronger, and when identifying the appropriate areas required for muscle strengthening, you’ll start to notice a reduction in the aches and pains that once upon a time brought you in to see us in the first place.

Strength and Resilience

We get a number of people who just want to move more, but under the guidance of a well-trained health professional. If you’re coming into our Clinical Pilates Camberwell Studio this way, you’ll notice that we require a 1:1 assessment and introduction with one of our physiotherapists.

This is so that we can appropriately assess your individual body’s movements and areas for improvement. During this session, our physiotherapists will introduce you to core strength and activation patterns, plus an introduction to some of the fundamental movements of Clinical Pilates.

Whatever your entry point, our class structure is always the same. One therapist, and a MAXIMUM of 3 participants. We don’t want you to feel lost as a number within a crowd of 15 or 20 people, and more importantly, we want you to be under the close and watchful eye of one of our therapists. If we are going to do Clinical Pilates, we are going to ensure we do it right, and therefore you’ll only ever be one of a select few clients in the session.

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Class Structure & Timetable

Our Yoga classes run for 60 minutes and during the practice you will have the opportunity to improve flexibility, practice mindfulness, improve body awareness and postural alignment.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
- - 6:30 - Yoga - - 8:15 - Clinical
- - - - - 9:00 - Clinical
9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:45 - Clinical
10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:30 - Clinical
- 11:00 - Mums and bubs - 11:00 - Mums and bubs - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
3:45 - Clinical - - - - -
4:30 - Clinical - 4:30 - Clinical - - -
5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical 5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical - -
6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical 6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical - -
6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical 6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical - -
- 7:00 - Clinical 7:30 - Clinical 7:00 - Clinical - -

The perfect Yoga space

We only use the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment. Combined with our highly skilled and energetic team. This ensures that you get the finest service and treatment every day.

Instinct Health offers First class equipment & space
Instinct Health offers the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment
Instinct Health has a highly skilled and energetic team
Instinct Health Physiotherapy
Instinct Health Pilates
Instinct Health Yoga
Instinct Health Physiotherapy Camberwell
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1 hour parking directly outside on Toorak Road is available

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Catch the 75 tram along Toorak Road

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When do our sessions run? Every day we are open! We have before-work and after-hours sessions available to ensure that everyone can access our great service, regardless of life and work getting in the way at times!

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