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Movement is Medicine!

Exclusive Offer

Learn how to move your way back to feeling better.

We know that when you’re sore, it’s easy to pop a pill and hope it’ll go away. Surely your instinct tells you, that’s only hiding the problem. If you have not done Instinct Pilates in the last 90 days, then we’re happy to offer you a FREE private 45-minute Physio and Pilates session, valued at $115.



What You’ll Receive

First, we diagnose your problem. Then we offer advice and if safe, treat the affected area. After that, depending on your problem, we’ll teach you Pilates movements that can help:

  • Reduce discomfort & tightness
  • Help your range of motion
  • Improve flexibility, strength and confidence

You’ll also walk away with exercises you can do at home.

Please feel welcome to share this offer with colleagues, friends and family that may be able to visit our Camberwell practice.
Don’t forget to let them know we are on a tram line, and a short walk from Hartwell train station.


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