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What is Reformer Pilates?

Our Reformer Pilates Kew classes use state of the art Reformer Beds as part of our Clinical Pilates classes. They certainly aren’t the only piece of equipment, but you’ll be spending a large portion of your class on the Reformer.

A Pilates reformer is a specific piece of equipment, designed and specified to help you become the best version of you. The bed, or table as it can be otherwise known, is made from genuine Canadian Maple timber, meaning it is hard wearing and very strong. These beds can cater for people up to 200kg and therefore allow great flexibility in their uses.

The Instinct Reformers are comprised of a beautiful looking timber frame, with accessories including a foot bar, jump board, long box, D-Loop hand straps and felt foot loops. These accessories, all included and used during the course of a Reformer class, will allow you to build strength, flexibility and core stability over the duration of your session.

Meeting Your Goals

On a Reformer at Instinct in Kew, you will quickly discover the versatility of the beds. These can be used to lie on, stand on, sit on, kneel on and even used for explosive movements like jumping and bounding. They can be used for balance exercises, or to improve flexibility, all dependent on your specific goals that you have established with your therapist.

These goals are determined by you and your treating physiotherapist over the course of your one to one introductory session. These mandatory sessions allow our team to show you the safe way to use the Reformers, plus establish the most appropriate and goal-based program for you.

Oh and the best part? You won’t be lost in the crowd! Our Reformer classes are capped at 3 participants. So tell your Kew, Camberwell or Glen Iris friends about how great you feel after a class and get started on a better YOU, today!

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Class Structure & Timetable

Our Yoga classes run for 60 minutes and during the practice you will have the opportunity to improve flexibility, practice mindfulness, improve body awareness and postural alignment.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
- - 6:30 - Yoga - - 8:15 - Clinical
- - - - - 9:00 - Clinical
9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:45 - Clinical
10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:30 - Clinical
- 11:00 - Mums and bubs - 11:00 - Mums and bubs - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
3:45 - Clinical - - - - -
4:30 - Clinical - 4:30 - Clinical - - -
5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical 5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical - -
6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical 6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical - -
6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical 6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical - -
- 7:00 - Clinical 7:30 - Clinical 7:00 - Clinical - -

The perfect Yoga space

We only use the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment. Combined with our highly skilled and energetic team. This ensures that you get the finest service and treatment every day.

Instinct Health offers First class equipment & space
Instinct Health offers the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment
Instinct Health has a highly skilled and energetic team
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Instinct Health Pilates
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1 hour parking directly outside on Toorak Road is available

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