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Where can you find the best sports massage Camberwell has to offer? As physiotherapists, we often get asked, “do you do massage”? Absolutely we do! If you’re trusting your body to someone else, wouldn’t you want the treatment of expert hands working on you? For most people, the answer always a pretty simple yes.

At Instinct Health, our trained physios offer a wide range of massage options to you. Whether you’re an athlete wanting a sports massage in Camberwell, or an every-day desk working needing a deep tissue release of your neck pain or back ache, we can accommodate. Yes, this treatment option may be utilised in any standard physiotherapy consultation, but in our dedicated remedial massage sessions we can set aside either 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even an hour working hard to release those tight spots!

The Health Benefits of Professional Massage

Why is sports massage more than just a treat on a weekend away? Research suggests that remedial massage can help to have a host of health benefits, well beyond just feeling a bit better and more relaxed. Data shows a significant reduction in stress, both emotionally and with the chemical cortisol – our stress hormone! Massage also helps to temporarily improve blood flow around the body and ensure that even our extremities are getting an adequate amount of fresh blood from the heart as it beats! Given that sometimes tight muscles can also restrict the range of movement around a joint, getting a massage can help to improve flexibility as well!

Each of our therapists offer a range of massage services to the residents of not only Camberwell, but neighbouring suburbs Kew, Malvern, Glen Iris, Ashburton and Hawthorn. These include, but are not limited to, relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage and remedial massage. Prior to the massage, you can expect a consultation with one of our therapists to ensure that the style of massage, areas that are being targeted with the massage and even the cream or oils used are exactly to your liking. Like almost all of the services at Instinct Health, our massage services are able to be claimed on your private health insurance extras policy. It's simply the finest sports massage Camberwell has to offer!

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Class Structure & Timetable

Our Yoga classes run for 60 minutes and during the practice you will have the opportunity to improve flexibility, practice mindfulness, improve body awareness and postural alignment.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
- - 6:30 - Yoga - - 8:15 - Clinical
- - - - - 9:00 - Clinical
9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:30 - Clinical 9:45 - Clinical
10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:15 - Clinical 10:30 - Clinical
- 11:00 - Mums and bubs - 11:00 - Mums and bubs - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
3:45 - Clinical - - - - -
4:30 - Clinical - 4:30 - Clinical - - -
5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical 5:15 - Clinical 4:45 - Clinical - -
6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical 6:00 - Clinical 5:30 - Clinical - -
6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical 6:45 - Clinical 6:15 - Clinical - -
- 7:00 - Clinical 7:30 - Clinical 7:00 - Clinical - -

The perfect Yoga space

We only use the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment. Combined with our highly skilled and energetic team. This ensures that you get the finest service and treatment every day.

Instinct Health offers First class equipment & space
Instinct Health offers the best brands and state-of-the-art equipment
Instinct Health has a highly skilled and energetic team
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