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So often we get asked, “Do Physios offer Massage?” and the short answer is yes! Physiotherapists are experts in our field in muscle release techniques, and massage is one of these. Here at Instinct Health in Camberwell, we offer a range of massage options to help to ease your aches and pains. No matter if you’re after a Sports Massage, Remedial Massage or simply a Relaxation Massage, our team of physiotherapists can help you out. You have the choice of duration for the massage, from 30-minute, 45-minute to 60-minutes and you can even choose how firm you’d like your massage to be! Oh, and rest assured, if you’re pregnant, we can also accommodate for you with our specifically designed pillow to allow you to lie on your tummy whilst alleviating your ever changing body!

What are the benefits of massage?

Sports Massage, Remedial Massage or Therapeutic massage all have a variety of excellent health benefits. From relieving tight muscles, to lengthening shortened muscles, to reducing swelling or even lowering stress and blood pressure, the benefits of massage are almost endless. And who better to complete a massage than a qualified, expert physiotherapist. Our physios here at Instinct Health have an intimate knowledge of the body, including its anatomy and physiology so we know exactly how to manage your aches and pains. Sure, some form of massage will likely form part of any standard physiotherapy treatment session, but when you book in for a massage with us you’ll know you’re getting a dedicated amount of time spent exclusively on massage.

Another great benefit of physiotherapy massage is that it still comes under your private health insurance, so your out-of-pocket expense is likely to be far lower than other remedial massage options. So don’t delay! Start your journey to a free-er, more mobile and more relaxed version of you, and book today!

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