The Only AFL Warm Up you’ll need!

Kickstart Your Game with Instinct: Essential 15-Minute Warm-Up Exercises for AFL Players

Preparing properly before stepping onto the field is crucial for any football player. Today, we’re enhancing our warm-up guide to ensure you’re not just ready, but primed for peak performance. Here’s a detailed 15-minute routine that balances physical preparation with essential ball skills, perfect for both newcomers and intermediate players. Let’s get started!

Why Warm Up for AFL?

AFL demands intense physical exertion and sharp mental acuity. A thorough warm-up increases your core temperature, activates your muscles, and prepares your mind, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing your in-game performance.

Your 15-Minute Warm-Up Plan for Footy

This sequence gradually builds intensity, allowing you to enter the game in optimal condition.

  1. Light Jog (3 minutes)Begin with a three-minute jog around the field. This activity gently increases your heart rate and warms up your muscles, setting the stage for more intense activities.
  2. Dynamic Stretching (4 minutes)Engage in dynamic stretches including leg swings, both front-to-back and side-to-side, to loosen up your hips. Follow up with arm circles and side lunges, focusing on your arms, shoulders, and the lateral muscles of your legs which are crucial for those powerful side steps in AFL.
  3. Agility Drills (4 minutes)
  • Lateral Cone Weaves (2 minutes):Set up cones in a straight line, about 1 meter apart. Begin at one end, and weave through the cones laterally. Focus on staying low and pushing off strongly from each foot to enhance your lateral movement speed and stability—essential for evading tackles and making quick side moves during a game.
  • Backpedal Sprints (2 minutes):Place two cones about 10 meters apart. Sprint from the first cone to the second, then quickly backpedal to the start. This drill improves your ability to transition rapidly from forward running to backpedalling, reflecting the quick changes of direction required during matches and boosting your overall defensive agility.
  1. Ball Skills (4 minutes)Start with handball exercises: pair up and practice quick, sharp handballs to a partner, focusing on accuracy and reaction speed. Then, incorporate ground ball pick-ups at a jogging pace, ensuring to bend with your knees and scoop the ball swiftly, simulating game-like conditions. Finish with quick, targeted kicks towards the goals or a marked area, aiming for precision under pressure.

Wrapping Up

With this quick, comprehensive warm-up, you’re now fully warmed up and more than ready to dominate on the field. This 15-minute routine will help maintain your body in a state of readiness, boosting both your physical and technical prowess in AFL.

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